CE Semester Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? CE has specifically developed study abroad opportunities at the sites listed below so that students can take coursework there and transfer credits back to Purdue. With such preplanned programs, students can more easily make decisions about planning to study abroad in a Fall- or Spring-semester. Some sites offer Summer opportunities but not all. Please plan to meet with a CE study abroad advisor to confirm your plans.

The following links will give you a basic overview about each program as well as eligibility, Purdue credit, estimated costs, financial aid, application deadlines and other resources. Eligibility includes a GPA Requirement. CE prefers that students study abroad in their junior or senior year.

Course transferability options are listed. Please check for new additions every semester. Note: Although substitutions are listed, CE reserves the right to further evaluate coursework to confirm enrollment priorities.

CE Approved Course Substitutes:

Please check for new additions to this list every semester.

For more information on these programs, please contact the Study Abroad Office by phone (765) 494-2383 or email studyabroad@purdue.edu. That office is located in Young Hall, room 105. They sponsor a Study Abroad Fair every semester in the first week or two of school for students to talk with representatives from various programs.

You can also visit the Global Engineering Program office (GEP) in Wang Hall on the 4th floor.

To encourage participation, CE will provide a $1000 scholarship to the first 2 students who apply and are accepted to study at one of these institutions. Additional funding opportunities are listed.

Application Process/Deadlines

In general students must meet the application deadlines for most study abroad programs:

  • February 1st - summer internships + select summer programs
  • March 1st - most summer, fall, & academic year programs
  • September 15th - spring semester programs

Other Sources for Information

Global Engineering Program (GEP)

GEP serves the students, staff and faculty of Purdue University College of Engineering. Comprehensive undergraduate- and graduate- academic programs are offered  in education, research and learning. The focus is on diversity, experience, reputation and effective solutions to the global engineering challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Students are welcome to contact GEP with questions about study abroad by visiting the GEP office in Wang Hall 4th floor, going to the GEP website, or by emailing gep@purdue.edu.

Individual Study Abroad Program Websites

Scroll all the way to the bottom of a study abroad program web page and click on the "Search for Returnees Now" button. You will see a list of Purdue students who have participated in a program and are willing to be contacted. If you get no results, you can use the search form to find people who studied in the country you are interested in.

Possible Funding Opportunities

Study Abroad Office (Young Hall Room 105)

If you find that you need supplemental funds to pay for study abroad, the first place to look is the Other Funding for Overseas Study on the Study Abroad Office website. This is a comprehensive list.

Purdue Moves Study Abroad Scholarship

President Mitch Daniels sponsors a Purdue Moves Study Abroad Scholarship every year. Purdue will offer up to $3,000 for a semester-long experience earning at least 12 credits to eligible Purdue students applying for a credit bearing, Study Abroad approved program. This is for undergraduates only. Please note: students cannot travel to their home country.

National and International Scholarships Office (NISO) Coordinated Scholarships

NISO, which is a part of the Purdue University Honors College, is available to serve all Purdue students. They assist students who have excellent academic records in their scholarly development to apply for any of the 13 highly selective national and international awards that require a nomination by Purdue. To explore the major scholarships and fellowships NISO coordinates, visit the NISO website, go to Duhme Hall, room 134 or call 496-3389 to schedule an appointment.

Scholarships that provide funding for study abroad expenses.

The application process for these scholarships may require more advance preparation than traditional scholarships.