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Northwest Consultants, Inc.


We are a professional engineering firm that provides a full array of civil, structural, and environmental consulting services. Northwest Consultants, Inc. (NCI) is committed to providing its clients with innovative ideas and quality solutions for all of their design needs.

Values: At NCI, our professional focus and commitment stem directly from our personal values. Integrity, Respect for Others, and Dependable and Accountable Performance are tenets that guide our daily lives. They outline the minimum requirements for our personal achievement and inspire us to attain professional excellence.

Focus and Commitment: We are committed to providing quality service and to exceeding our clients' expectations. In order to realize these goals, we are focused on meeting the specialized needs of our clients through the personal effectiveness of our professionals, the value of our client service, and the efficiency of our cost management methods.

Personal Effectiveness: At NCI, our operating strategy depends on developing the personal effectiveness and professional satisfaction of our professionals. We capitalize on the diversity of our team by focusing on the natural talents of each individual. By offering a unique variety of technical experiences, leadership opportunities within the company, and an atmosphere of innovation and cooperation, we focus on developing individual strengths and expertise, translating those into value-added benefits for our clients. We provide our professionals with the resources they need to be effective.

Quality Service: Our firm measures quality client service by considering the satisfaction of the client and construction contractor, the positive impact of our performance on the public, and our own innovative and efficient execution. Our standard is to always take ownership of our work. Thus, we work proactively in order to facilitate a positive client experience throughout project development, and to make certain that the project is completed within budget and on time with no unnecessary change orders processed during design or construction. At NCI, our professionals are committed to providing construction contractors with a quality set of plans to bid and work from, and our entire firm takes pride in providing a clear and concise design product.
Website: www.nci-eng.com
Industry: Engineering Consulting

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Jennifer Bullock, P.E.
Project Engineer
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Indianapolis, IN 46256
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