Hydraulics & Hydrology Fall 2022 Seminar Series

Marian Muste, Edward M. Curtis Visiting Professor at the Lyles School of Civil Engineering, will be presenting on Tuesday 12/6 at 3:30 p.m. in HAMP 1113. The subject of the seminar is "How can we manage what we do not measure? Hysteresis in unsteady stream flows."

How can we manage what we do not measure? Hysteresis in unsteady stream flows

Marian Muste
Edward M. Curtis Visiting Professor
Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
3:30 p.m.
HAMP 1113


The protocols for continuous streamflow monitoring stem from century-long incremental developments, with most approaches considering flows as quasi-stationary processes fluctuating within a variability range.  This view along with technological limitations have given rise to semi-empirical estimation relation¬ships (ratings) based on steady-flow assumptions and statistical analyses applied to long data records collected during steady and unsteady flows.  During unsteady flows, however, the flow-governing relationships can deviate significantly from the steady-flow relationships with distinct forms for the rising and falling hydrograph limbs.  The capabilities of conventional monitoring methods to document unsteady flows are reviewed, and a new physically-based method is proposed to account for hysteresis in real time without making recourse to ratings.  Preliminary data from ongoing research will be presented with intentions to spur collaborative research.


Dr. Muste is Research Engineer and Adjunct Professor at IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, The University of Iowa.  His research spans experimental river hydraulics and development of watershed data/information management systems, sensors and sensor networks and their implementation in research and education on sustainable use of water and land resources.  Focal interests include acoustic and image-based instrumentation, uncertainty analysis, and investigation of sediment transport in rivers using laboratory and in-situ measure¬ments.  Dr Muste is Editor in Chief for one book, contributor to 4 textbooks, author or co-author of more than 300 technical papers (100 peer-reviewed) and 75 reports.  He is technical expert for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the World Meteorological Organization in the field of hydrometry.