Executive Forum with Ersal Ozdemir, President & CEO of Keystone Group, Indy Eleven

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CE alumnus Ersal Ozdemir (BSCE 1997, CEAAA 2022), President & CEO of Keystone Group and the Indy Eleven, presented at the CE Executive Forum on Wednesday, March 20th. Ersal shared his career journeys, discussing both successes and setbacks, and offered valuable guidance on achieving personal and professional goals.

Ozdemir founded Keystone Group in 2002, which has grown to become one of the largest privately owned real estate development, construction, property management and investment companies in Indiana with its headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.

In 2013, Ozdemir launched Indy Eleven Men’s Professional Soccer, in the hopes of sharing his passion for the world’s most popular sport in the state of Indiana. The club has welcomed well over 1.5 million fans since its inception & Indy Eleven’s brand has continued to grow with the club’s launch of a women’s soccer team in 2022, which won the 2023 W League National Championship. Indy Eleven also purchased a new elite level top tier women’s professional team that will play in the Super League upon the completion of Eleven Park Stadium.

Ozdemir has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Purdue University and enjoys collaborating with business leaders to share information regarding their industries and communities. Ozdemir routinely speaks to numerous organizations about business and entrepreneurship. He has been interviewed by countless publications on subjects related to sports, leadership, international issues, real estate, construction, philanthropic, community service engagement and more. He is an active community supporter, having donated to hundreds of charities, including being a devoted patron of the local arts community.