Environmental Engineering Facilities

Environmental Engineering Teaching Laboratory

(Room 2146)

This laboratory is used for both undergraduate and graduate student labs. The students do a variety of wet-chemical methods and microbiological studies.

Environmental Engineering Pilot Plant

(Room 2135)

This laboratory is used for large scale graduate experiments.

Environmental Engineering Analytical Equipment

(Rooms 3103 & 3115)

Analytical equipment primarily for graduate student research is housed in these laboratories. Undergraduate students occasionally use the equipment for labs or special projects. 

Environmental Engineering Research Laboratories

(Rooms 3104, 3105, 3107, 3109, 3111, 3113, 3119, 3124, 3125, 3131, 3133, 3135, 3137 & 3139)

These laboratories are strictly for graduate student research. Students are assigned a lab bench for the duration of their graduate research activities.