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Zimmerman CE Innovation Award

The Zimmerman Award was initiated to recognize, encourage, and promote creative thinking and outreach. It is awarded to an individual to encourage and support civil engineering innovations that further the School's progress through education, research, conferences, or other outreach activities. All full-time faculty, staff and students are eligible. The award includes $1000 to be used for the innovative activity for which the award was given. The recipient is selected by the CE Staff Awards Committee based on nominations and supporting letters.

Award Criteria | Nomination Form


2018 - Luna Lu and Yining Feng
2017 - Shuai Li
2016 - Juyeong Choi
2015 - Joseph Louis
2014 - Eleni Bardaka (graduate student working with Nadia Gkritza)
2012 - Joshua Harley
2011 - Venkatesh Merwade
2010 - Joe Sinfield
2009 - 
Cary Troy - for his innovative research on lake water quality
Becky Hull - for her development of and dedication to the new CE Global Program
2008 - Cindy Lawley
2007 - Bryan Hubbard