Daniel J. Schuller

Daniel J. Schuller
BSCE 1991, MSCE 1993, Ph.D. 1999
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Essential Utilities Inc.

"Do something you enjoy, dedicate yourself to it, learn from your mistakes, and be grateful."

Dan was raised in Crete, IL, and graduated from Marian Catholic High School in 1987. With an aptitude in math and science and an interest in engineering and construction, Dan enrolled in Civil Engineering at Purdue University. He spent his undergraduate summers delivering construction equipment and interning with a geotechnical engineering firm in the Chicago area.

After graduating with his MSCE in 1993, Dan spent a year and a half with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. in Rosemont, IL, designing and constructing municipal infrastructure projects. During this time, he married Susan M. Offerle, a fellow residence hall counselor from the Owen Hall-RHAN staff. In early 1995, Dan returned to Purdue to pursue a Ph.D. in Hydraulics and Hydrology under Civil Engineering Professor A.R. Rao. During his Ph.D. program, Dan especially enjoyed teaching "Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Drainage" at 7:30 a.m., mapping the campus sewers, attending Books & Coffee with his professors, walking to Mass at St. Tom's, and teaching his first two children to walk around the fountains.

Following graduation in May 1999, Schuller joined Paris-based Mars & Co.'s Greenwich, CT, office as a management consultant. In 2007, Dan joined J.P. Morgan Asset Management's infrastructure investments group in Manhattan, where he oversaw the group's regulated water utility business.

In 2015, Dan joined Bryn Mawr, PA-based Essential Utilities Inc. to lead strategy and corporate development. Dan was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in October 2018. In this role, he is responsible for the Company's accounting, SEC reporting, planning, treasury, and tax functions and for financing the Company’s $500 million annual capital expenditure program.

Dan has been married to Susan (BS '91, MS '93) for 25 years. They have six children, ranging from 9 to 22. The oldest two, A.J. and Jimmy, were born in Lafayette while Dan was in graduate school; Cecile, John Paul, Michael, and Sophia were born in Connecticut. A.J. will graduate from Purdue this May. Dan’s brother and Susan's four brothers are all Purdue alums.