Gerald V. Lyles

Gerald V. Lyles
BSCE 1964
Senior Vice President
Lyles Diversified, Inc.
Lyles United, LLC

Born and raised in a small oil town in California, Gerald was destined to attend Purdue as the grandson of a Purdue professor of mechanical engineering, and as the son of Purdue graduates. His father graduated with a degree in civil engineering and his mother with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. Gerald's older brother and sister preceded him to Purdue.

Gerald acquired a degree in civil engineering in preparation for a career in pipeline, utility, concrete and mechanical construction with the firm started by his parents in 1945. While attending Purdue, Gerald was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and active in several student organizations.

In 1964, Gerald was commissioned an officer in the United States Navy Civil Engineer Corps, followed by attendance at the Civil Engineer Corps Officer's School in California and serving a two-year assignment in the public works department in the Philippines. This exposed him to maintenance and construction of facilities as well as non-civil engineering functions such as power production and distribution.

Gerald then became a project engineer for Kaweah Construction Company, one of the two family construction companies. Kaweah specialized in construction of sewage and water treatment plants, bridges, irrigation structures and other heavy concrete work. In 1968, he decided this was not going to be his career work. He enrolled in Purdue's Krannert School obtaining a Master's degree in industrial administration in 1971. The addition of the Krannert program education and exposure to accounting, finance and marketing in a manufacturing environment, along with his civil engineering education, set the stage for the rest of Gerald’s career.

In 1971, Lyles began a short, two-year, but very beneficial employment with the Johns Manville Corporation building products division, gaining manufacturing experience. By 1973 the two Lyles family companies were ready to expand beyond construction, providing Gerald the opportunity to return and head up new areas of operation. These included 3,500 acres of agricultural orchards; development of industrial parks, shopping centers and housing; manufacturing of irrigation products (divested in 1998) and serving as corporate liaison to its interests in rental property and to Pelco, a manufacturer of closed circuit surveillance equipment. Pelco was acquired when it had 100 employees and was sold twenty years later after growing to 2,400 employees.

Presently Gerald is senior vice president of Lyles Diversified, Inc. and President of both Lyles United, LLC and Lyles Investments, LLC, all of which are very diversified in their holdings.

Gerald has been very active with the Boy Scouts of America, having served as council president and having received the National Eagle Scout Association Alumni Award. He currently serves on the Fresno County Zoo Authority and serves as a board member for the California Health Science University.

Gerald has been married to Nanette for 27 years. Together they have five children.