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KPFF Consulting Engineers


We are forward-thinking structural and civil engineers who design state-of-the-art, enduring solutions for a wide range of projects. KPFF has provided sustainable, high-value contributions to the built environment for 59 years. We collaborate with our clients utilizing the advantages of VDC with BIM tools as a way of visualizing, coordinating and tracking systems. Our focus is to provide engineering solutions to building infrastructure problems, whatever they are, rather than put limits on what we???re capable of providing.

At KPFF, you control your destiny ??? the work you put in equates directly to your success and compensation. Careers at KPFF are driven by individual accomplishments and successful projects. That means your dedication, attitude, and talent drives your professional growth. We work in dynamic teams with open communication and strong mentorship from senior-level staff. KPFF encourages innovation and continuous quality improvement in our work unencumbered by bureaucratic behavior. Professional development is an everyday event as is your direct interaction with owners, architects, and contractors.

Our supportive and fun work environment allows for flexibility for families and encourages work/life balance. We offer generous benefits, a competitive salary and pay you for every hour you work. KPFF is a global firm with more than 23 offices, 1,200+ employees, and collective professional registrations in all 50 states.

KPFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Industry: Engineering Consulting

Contact Information

Megan Carr
Marketing Manager
125 South 6th Street
Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.883.6153