Teaching and Learning in Engineering

Our Program

The School of Engineering Education (ENE) is offering an online “Teaching and Learning in Engineering” graduate certificate. In 2004, Purdue was the world's first academic unit to offer an engineering education doctoral program. The certificate is designed for those seeking faculty positions to become more competitive applicants. This certificate is also valuable to current engineering or STEM faculty members who want to enhance their teaching skills.

The certificate program is open to those below in Engineering or STEM disciplines:

  • Ph.D. students at any accredited institution who are considering faculty careers
  • Industry or government employees with advanced degrees seeking a faculty position
  • Current faculty members at the US or international universities

Certificate program outcomes include the enhanced capability to:

  • Think critically about teaching
  • Streamline course design to align outcomes, assessment and instruction
  • Apply state of the art teaching methods to improve student education
  • Identify and work with mentors to deepen your understanding of teaching through feedback
  • Succeed as an engineering or STEM professor

Our Curriculum

The certificate program is built around 10 credit hours and requires the four courses briefly described below. Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, ENE 685 and ENE 695 will be offered in fall semesters and ENE 506 and ENE 687 will be offered in spring semesters. The entire certificate can be completed in 3-4 semesters.

ENE 50600, Content, Assessment and Pedagogy (3 credit hours), teaches you how to develop a course from beginning to end and guides you through the process of developing a course in your field.
ENE 68500, Engineering Education Methods (3 credit hours), provides you with a variety of techniques for teaching courses that are both engaging and effective.

ENE 68700, Mentored Teaching in Engineering (1 credit hour), enables you to deepen your understanding of teaching and learning through feedback and reflection as you perform your regularly assigned teaching duties.

ENE 69500, Succeeding as an Engineering Professor (3 credit hours), covers other skills valuable to faculty members such as writing proposals, selecting and mentoring graduate students, and managing projects.

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To learn more about the on-campus graduate certificate program, visit the School of Engineering Education.