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The Purdue Global Sustainability Institute – Approaches to Catalyzing Trans-Disciplinary and Binational Initiatives in Sustainability

Dr. Jon Harbor
Professor and Head, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Director, Global Sustainability Institute
Purdue University

We are united in the goal of advancing research and education that will support the sustainability goals of our communities, states and nations. For our initiatives in energy, environment and sustainability to succeed requires collaborations that cross traditional boundaries between disciplines, universities, and nations. In this presentation I will briefly summarize the themes pursued in the centers that make up the Global Sustainability Institute, and highlight lessons learned from our efforts to catalyze trans-disciplinary and binational research and education in sustainability. This may help inform development of strategies for the organization and growth of the Purdue-Mexico Center for Sustainability.

Biographical Information

Jon Harbor is Director of Purdue’s Global Sustainability Institute and also a Professor and Head of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. His research interests include hydrological analysis tools that aid planners and decision makers in considering environmental issues in sustainable urban planning, as well as environmental education and reconstructing past climates from geological evidence. Dr. Harbor is an award-winning teacher and graduate mentor, and the fellow of several scientific societies.