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About the Center

In the Fall of 2011, a group of Purdue faculty members envisioned that with the core strengths of Purdue University and existing collaborations with Mexican institutions, deeper relationships could be successfully developed to include education and research activities in bioenergy; nanotechnology for energy, environment and agriculture applications; engineering to mitigate natural disasters; and water management. Arvind Varma, Enrico Martinez and Arvind Raman drafted a proposal for the creation of the Purdue-Mexico Center for Sustainability. A planning meeting to discuss the goals and focus areas of the proposed Center was held in Spring 2012, with the attendance of about 25 Purdue faculty members; all expressed enthusiasm and support for the proposed Center. In summer 2012, a formal proposal was submitted to the Office of the Provost, which was accepted and awarded seed funds in January 2013.

Activities to Date

To date, the Center organized two workshops, in April 2013 at Purdue, West Lafayette, and May 2014 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The center is in the process of planning a third workshop in Fall 2015 in one of the prominent campuses in Mexico.  The Center was also instrumental in establishing several agreements between Purdue and institutions in Mexico to enable graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty members to visit and study at Purdue.

For more information please contact the Associate Director for the Purdue-Mexico Center, Professor Enrico Martinez at