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Breakout Session 2: Nanotechnology for Energy, Environmental, Health and Agricultural Applications


Ali Shakouri, Gustavo Fuentes


Martha Leal-Gonzalez, Teresa Carvajal, Mark Van Fleet, Arvind Raman, (Rakesh Agrawal)

Discussion Items

There is a national nano initiative in Mexico (emphasis on nanomaterials –many physicists) in collaboration with Brazil.

  • Some work on devices, graphene, …
  • Good equipment and characterization facilities are available in Mexico: e-microscope, AFMs, etc.

Gustavo: Interested in Catalysis –find joint collaboration with Purdue researchers in catalysis (Arvind’s interest in SPM use in characterization of catalysis in liquid state)

Martha Leal Gonzale​z: Nuevo Leon: Some work on plastics with embedded nanoparticles, functional/medical packaging (anti bacterial coating), space applications, hydrophilic paper (largest paper company in Mexico), nanomaterial in embedded circuits

Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SME) with interest in extruding polymers

Pilot scale companies in the research park are doing nanotechnology: UV/heat protection for crops, beauty/cosmetics

Rakesh Agrawal: NP solar cell research collaboration (NP synthesis, inks, printing, characterization)

  • Polytechnic Institute
  • UNAM: Jesus Gonzalez
  • Schneider Electric doing some solar research in Nuevo Leon

Nanomanufacturing is a strategic area of emphasis at the Birck center. We should explore the synergy with Mexican companies and researchers. Potential for industry consortia to work on long term research problems that engage companies and universities.

Initial Collaboration Opportunities between Purdue and Mexico:

  • Nanomanufacturing
  • Nanoparticle solar cells
  • Catalysis