NEA Scout and EQUULEUS launched by Artemis I

NEA Scout and EQUULEUS launched by Artemis I

Event Date: November 16, 2022
Artemis I successfully launched with NEA Scout and EQUULEUS, deep-space CubeSats Prof. Oguri worked on at NASA JPL and JAXA


Artemis I successfully launched from NASA Kennedy Space Center with 10 ride-share CubeSats.

Prof. Oguri contributed to two of the 10 CubeSats, NEA Scout and EQUULEUS, as a mission designer at NASA JPL (2019, 2021) and JAXA (2016-2017).

NEA Scout plans to visit an asteroid with solar-sail propulsion after escaping cislunar space while EQUULEUS will leverage the low-energy transfer technique to enter a Halo orbit around Earth-Moon L2.

See Solar Sailing Primer Vector Theory: Indirect Trajectory Optimization with Practical Mission Considerations (NEA Scout) and EQUULEUS Trajectory Design (EQUULEUS) for more details of Prof. Oguri's contributions to these missions.