Our People

Principal Investigator

Brandon Pitts
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

Graduate Students

Micah George
M.S. Thesis Student
I am an MS Thesis student from India in the School of Industrial Engineering focusing on Human Factors and Ergonomics. I am really interested in automobile safety, and I would like make research contributions that would enhance the safety of driving and make it more accessible to the older populations as well.
Nade Liang
Ph.D. Candidate
I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Industrial Engineering, with a research focus on Human Factors. I am originally from Shanghai, China. My research focuses on the effects of vehicle automation on driving behavior and cognitive workload, and methods that may help to mitigate potential roadway safety risks. Upon graduation, I hope to work in academia or a research division in the industry to develop safer and more efficient transportation systems. Personal Website
I am a PhD student in the School of Industrial Engineering. I was raised in Meridian, MS. My current research project is in the field of cognitive engineering and focuses on ways to quantify trust in human-automation interaction within complex environments. This project investigates dispositional trust factors, such as age, gender, and culture, and their impact on the way(s) humans interact complex automation. My future goals are to pursue the application of this research in industry and eventually transition into a faculty position at a top university.
I graduated from Purdue University’s School of Industrial Engineering with my BSIE in 2016. I was accepted into the PhD. program that same year. I am co-advised by Dr. Steven J. Landry (PennState) and Dr. Brandon Pitts. My thesis research is focused on modeling human response performance to vibrotactile alerts. For my assistantship, I work for the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) at Purdue to provide 40 hours of free engineering consulting services to small-to-medium-sized businesses in Indiana.

Undergraduate Students

I am an undergraduate student in the school of Industrial Engineering with a minor in Statistics. I am from Beijing, China. I assist Ph.D. students with literature review, data collection, and data analysis. After graduating, I plan to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Human Factors.


Gaojian Huang
Assistant Professor at SJSU
Gaojian Huang is currently an Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering, San Jose State University Personal Website
Collin Li
Undergraduate Programmer
Yuyuan Liu
MSIE (non-thesis)
Christine Petersen
Undergraduate Researcher
Matthew Scott
Undergraduate Researcher
I received a BS in Industrial Engineering in December 2018. I am currently working at FedEx in Nashville, TN..
Jeanelle Tanhueco
Undergraduate Computer Programmer
Lauren Werner
Master Thesis Student (M.S.I.E.)