Pitts & Huang attend ISAP

Pitts & Huang attend ISAP

Photo of Gaojian Huang & Brandon Pitts
Gaojian Huang & Asst. Prof. Brandon Pitts
Asst. Prof. Brandon Pitts and PhD student Gaojian Huang attended the 20th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology (ISAP) from May 7-10 in Dayton, OH.

Huang presented a paper about the NHanCE Lab's research project titled "Automated Speech Recognition Technology to Support in Flight Weather-Related Communication for GA Pilots". Huang and Pitts co-wrote the paper as part of the Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WITC) project funded through the FAA PEGASAS Center of Excellence.

Huang was also a finalist for the Stanley N. Roscoe Best Student Paper competition.

ISAP focuses bringing together researchers who are interested in human performance problems and opportunities within aviation systems. 


Weather information latency during flight in general aviation (GA) has resulted in numerous incidents. Hands-free automated speech recognition (ASR) systems have the potential to help overcome this challenge and facilitate rapid weather-related information exchange. However, it is unclear to what extent ASR systems can support pilot communication in such noisy environments. The goals of this study were to (1) evaluate the performance of 7 commercially-available ASR systems to recognize weather phrases during GA operations and (2) determine whether speech-to-noise (S/N) ratio, flight phase, and accent type modulate system performance. Overall, the highest accuracy percentage achieved by any system was 72%, when the S/N ratio was at least 3/2. This research can help to inform the selection and development of next-generation technologies to be used in safety-critical, information-rich domains.