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Pitts wins best new faculty poster

Pitts wins best new faculty poster

Photo of Brandon Pitts & poster
Asst. Prof. Brandon Pitts presents his poster
Photo of Maya Luster
NHanCE Lab PhD student Maya Luster
Dr. Brandon Pitts won the “Best New Faculty Poster” award at the recent 2019 Robotics & IoT Showcase.

Pitts, assistant professor of industrial engineering, won the Best New Faculty Poster award for his lab's "Next-generation Human-systems and Cognitive Engineering (NHanCE)" poster. It showcased the multiple projects in the NHanCE Lab - from automated speech recognition technology to in-vehicle takeover alerts during autonomous driving to trust in automation. 

"This was a great event for my students and me," said Pitts. "This showcase provided us the opportunity to see firsthand the exciting research and developments in the area of robotics and Internet of things (IoT) taking place all across campus. It was also a good time to meet and network with colleagues and students, and learn about their approaches to similar problems."

Twenty-six labs participated in the Feb. 1 showcase held in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. The Purdue Robotics Accelerator hosted the event, which was judged by four Purdue Polytechnic and College of Engineering judges.