Four NHanCE members present at HFES 2019

Four NHanCE members present at HFES 2019

photo of HFES Purdue Recipients of the Gold Award
HFES Purdue Recipients of the Gold Award (l to r): Jackie Cha, Xiaojian Jin, Dr. Denny Yu, Dr. Robert Proctor, Dr. Brandon Pitts, and Gaojian Huang
photo of Purdue Night Dinner at HFES 2019
Past and current Purdue members met at the 9th Purdue Night Dinner at the HFES 2019 Annual Meeting.
During the week of Oct 28th – Nov 1st, the 63rd International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) was held in Seattle, WA. A diverse range of professionals and students, including certified ergonomists, academics, practitioners, and consultants attended the conference.

Four NHanCE Lab members attended: Dr. Brandon Pitts (Lab Director, Assistant Professor in IE), Gaojian Huang (3rd year Ph.D. student), Nade Liang (1st year Ph.D. student), and Lauren Werner (master’s thesis student). In addition, Gaojian Huang won the HFES Aging Technical Group (ATG) Student Research Scholarship (for the best research proposal) and Nade Liang won the HFES Student Travel Award for First Year Graduate Students.

Four oral presentations were given by NHanCE Lab members:

  1. Gaojian Huang:  “Multimodal Cue Combinations: A Possible Approach to Designing In-Vehicle Takeover Requests for Semi-Autonomous Driving”
  2. Gaojian Huang: “The Impact of Mind Wandering on Signal Detection, Semiautonomous Driving Performance, and Physiological Responses”
  3. Nade Liang: “The Effect of Secondary Cognitive Task Difficulty on Headway Maintenance and Perceived Workload While Using Lane Keeping Systems”
  4. Lauren Werner: “Automated Speech Recognition Systems and Older Adults: A Literature Survey and Synthesis”

Also, the HFES Purdue Student Chapter presented a poster showcasing the breadth of human factors research conducted at Purdue University (presented by IE students: Gaojian Huang, Nade Liang, Lauren Werner, and Xiaojian Jin (PhD student in Dr. Steven Landry’s lab)). Furthermore, the HFES Purdue Chapter won the “2019 Outstanding Student Chapter Gold Award” for chapters that have made significant contributions to the discipline, HFES, their campus, and/or their community within a particular year (chapter co-advisors: Dr. Robert Proctor and Dr. Denny Yu, The HFES Purdue Chapter also organized the 9th Annual Purdue Dinner during the conference, a chapter tradition aimed to help Purdue University alumni, students, and faculty in human factors stay connected.  

photo of Gaojian getting the award photo of receiving HFES gold chapter award

(l) Gaojian receiving the ATG Scholarship; (r) Gaojian and Xiaojian receiving the Gold Chapter Award

Photo of Gaojian presenting photo of Nade presenting

(l) Gaojian and (r) Nade presenting their work.

photo of Lauren presenting photo of Purdue poster presentation

(l) Lauren presenting her work; (r) Nade, Jackie, Dr. Barrett Caldwell, and Gaojian with the Purdue Lab poster