Summer 2015 Science and Engineering: Heat, Light and Power Outreach Events

Mechanical Engineering Professors Amy Marconet, Liang Pan and Kejie Zhao developed a hands-on workshop on heat, light, and power and have reached over 150 kids in the greater Lafayette area aleady this summer.  The themes were “See the Heat, Build a Working Camera and Make a Fruit Battery.” 

The first workshop was included in Purdue's Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) For Your Imagination (FYI) summer workshop for 117 middle school girls on July 11, 2015. Professor Marconnet along with visiting students Liu Peng and Rajath Kantharaj led the MTEC lab demonstrations.

Then, C Design labs helped facilitate a workshop on July 25, 2015 through Imagination Station in Lafayette. Learning science hands-on through design and making was very engaging to the children.It was another successful workshop with more than 60 children (and their parents/familiies) attending. Professor Marconnet along with graduate students Jiahong Fu and Aalok Gaitonde led the MTEC lab demonstrations.

See The Heat (MTEC Lab): Have you ever wondered why the metal parts of your desk feel colder than the wooden top? Or grabbed your seat belt on a hot day to find the metal buckle feels like it burns you, but he cloth part is tolerable? Let’s explore the heat!

Optics & Cameras (Liang Pan's Lab): Do you want to learn about lights and cameras? how the pictures are taken inside a film camera? Let’s build a working camera by ourselves and have some fun to take some pictures with it!

Batteries (Kejie Zhao's Lab): Ever heard of a fruit battery? Who knew we could make our own batteries? Let’s create some with the use of fruits and slime to power up a bulb light.