Education & Outreach

Professor Marconnet teaches a variety of courses at Purdue. She has developed interactive activities for several courses (ME 315 - Introduction to Heat and Mass Transfer, ME 415 - Energy Systems Engineering, and ME 505 - Intermediate Heat Transfer) in Jupyter. You can access these through the Google Colab.

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Introduction to Heat Transfer & Conduction

Description   Link     Undergraduate     Graduate  
Math Background   LINK LINK
Energy Balance Problem LINK x  
Fourier's Law and Heat Flux LINK x  
1D SS Heat Transfer LINK x  
Thermal Resistances LINK x  
Extended Surfaces LINK x  
Partially Buried Fin LINK x  
Induction Heating (Transient Heat Transfer) LINK x  
Semi-Infinite Media LINK x  
Fourier Series & Transforms LINK x x
2D Separation of Variables LINK   x
Principle of Superposition LINK x x
1D Radial, Transient Separation of Variables LINK   x
Separation of Variables + Superposition LINK   x
Frequency Domain: Introduction LINK   x
Steady Periodic Conduction LINK x x
Frequency Domain: 3w Method LINK x x
1D SS Numerical Methods LINK x x
2D SS Numerical Methods LINK x x
1D Tranisent Numerical Methods LINK x x
A Heat Transfer Tale from North of Winterfell
(Solid-Liquid Phase Change)
LINK x x


Description Link Undergraduate Graduate
External Flow & Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy LINK x  

Radiation & Multi-Mode

Description   Link     Undergraduate     Graduate  
3 Surface Enclosure: View Factors LINK x  
3 Surface Enclosure: Radiation Exchange LINK x  
Blackbody Radiation Exchange LINK x  
Radiation Shield LINK x  
Re-Radiating Plates LINK x  

Other Topics

Description   Link     Undergraduate     Graduate  
Engineering Economics LINK x  
Heat Sink Design Exercise LINK x  
CoolProp Examples LINK x x



Prof. Marconnet has developed outreach activities for a variety of age groups. Details forthcoming