Marconnet Thermal and Energy Conversion Lab, Purdue University

Welcome to the Marconnet Thermal & Energy Conversion
(M-TEC) Lab!

Research in the M-TEC Lab integrates metrology and analysis of underlying transport mechanisms with design and development of nanostructured materials. Nanostructuring leads to unique material properties and combinations of properties not naturally available in bulk materials. For example, nanostructured materials offer the possibility of thermal conductivity extremes: the thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes and graphene can exceed that of metals, while the introduction of nanoscale boundaries (e.g. nanoscale pores) yields extremely low thermal conductivity materials. Electron-crystal, phonon-glass materials are of interest for thermoelectric applications, while thermally-conductive, mechanically-compliant materials are sought for electronics packaging. The interface of nanotechnology and biology is another area where nanothermal transport studies could be revolutionary. For example, extremely localized heating of tissues with optical excitation of nanoparticles has proven successful in destroying cells.

Recent Publications

April 14, 2014
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, (accepted and in press), 2014.
March 20, 2014
Colloids and Surfaces A, vol. 445, pp. 48-53, 2014. More details »
March 3, 2014
Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China). (accepted and available online (in Chinese)) More details »