Welcome to the Marconnet Thermal & Energy Conversion (MTEC) Lab!

Research in the MTEC Lab intersects heat transfer, energy conversion, and materials science to enable advances in technologies where energy conversion and thermal transport are key factors in performance. Prof. Marconnet has developed an interdisciplinary research program to evaluate, understand, and control the physical mechanisms governing the multi-functional properties of materials, machines, and systems. Cross-cutting all the specific research directions, work in the MTEC lab focuses on

  • Design, development, and validation of novel experimental metrology tools for characterizing multi-functional properties of materials across length and temperature scales;
  • Enhanced understanding and control of fundamental transport and energy conversion mechanisms through multi-scale computational modeling; and
  • Strategic, physics-based design and development of materials with multi-functional capabilities 

The combined experimental and computational research approach enables the MTEC lab to make contributions across a range of fields including materials discovery, high power dissipation energy storage, mobile and high-powered electronics cooling, and renewable energy and green buildings.

MTEC Lab Tour:

Congratulations, Angie!

Angie Daniela Rojas Cardenas earned her MS in Materials Engineering this semester (and won a poster award at the spring CTRC Review Meeting)!
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