Making treated as an open exploration of basic prototyping in support of design objectives


Making to Manufacturing (M2M) conveyed as a sophisticated and iterative examination of idea realization from prototypes to industrialized production at scale that builds on the thinking of converged disciplines


Bechtel Innovation Design Center (Bechtel Center)

  • Inspired by students who asked for an advanced prototyping facility (Makerspace)
  • A place to come together to design and build solutions to real-world problems
  • Welcome to all Purdue students who want to pursue personal, entrepreneurial, societal, team, and class-related projects

Purdue 3D Printing Club (3DPC)

  • Think. Design. Create.
  • CAD design classes
  • 3D printing lab with a dozen printers
  • 3D printing expertise

Mechanical Engineering 3D Print Lab

  • Open to all current ME students

Library of Engineering and Science at WALC

  • Beginner/Accessible
    • TinkerCAD
  • Intermediate
    • AutoCAD
    • Blender
    • SketchUp Make
  • Advanced/Specialized
    • Mathematica (Wolfram language)

Project Machine Shop – Mechanical Engineering

  • Home to variety of machine tools available for ME students, staff, faculty