Facilities and Resources

A cornerstone of Purdue Cislunar is a facility that provides state-of-the-art capabilities in space mission design, visualization, fabrication, and testing and operation, including:

  • Mission Operations Center
  • 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality Laboratory
  • Satellite Manufacturing and Test Facility
  • Office space for Cislunar faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and industrial partners
  • Conference space for consortium meetings, short courses, and seminars

Through these facilities and the industry research collaborations and entrepreneurial opportunities spawned from the Cislunar initiative, Purdue will be established as the preeminent university in the development of cislunar space.

New faculty will be recruited to extend the expertise and leadership of the Cislunar initiative in targeted areas, such as attitude dynamics and control, laser communications, electric propulsion, and space policy. A facility manager with industry experience will be needed for the satellite manufacturing and test facility.