Employing interdisciplinary perspectives to rapidly envision, shape, and pursue ideas to achieve real-world impact.

Purdue Engineering has long possessed strong competencies in design, making, entrepreneurship, data science, and systems. Building on our strengths, through Innovation + X we are connecting these efforts to inform targeted research, educational experiences, and credentials that will enable scholars and practitioners in diverse fields to more systematically and reliably convert ideas to real world solutions and ultimately address contemporary and future challenges critical to society.

Founded on a scaffold of design, Innovation + X provides a means to organize and realize the convergence of disciplines required to link research-derived insights on problem identification, problem framing, alternative generation, solution design, development, testing, implementation and sustainable scaling [Innovation] in a cohesive and holistic manner to successfully navigate from exploration to impact in any endeavor [+ X].

Connect your idea, concept, or invention to a systematic process of innovation and testing focused on impact

Benefit from our toolkit and collective expertise on systematic innovation and making to crack the toughest of challenges