Discovery Park District Partners on IoT Research

The Discovery Park District at Purdue University has announced a partnership related to Internet of Things technology. The district is teaming up with the university's SMART Consortium in an effort to advance IoT technology and study how it will be used.

Soft microrobots demonstrate potential for targeted drug delivery

David Cappelleri creates tiny tumbling soft robots that can be controlled with rotating magnetic fields. In a newly-published study, the robots showed that they can climb slopes, tumble upstream against fluid flow, and deposit substances at precise locations in neural tissue.

Participate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Workshop

We invite you to participate in an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Workshop at Purdue on October 20, 2021. This workshop will convene a broad group of Purdue researchers working with UAS systems to better understand our respective capabilities and interests, whether in the aerial platform, control systems, operations, applications, new designs, sensors, etc., with the aim of igniting new collaborations, partnerships, and proposals.

Autonomous and Connected Systems PEI: Faculty accomplishments

Autonomous and Connected Systems (ACS) is a Purdue Engineering initiative (PEI) that creates a community of scholars to advance the science and engineering of autonomy, robotics, and the internet of things (IoT). ACS interdisciplinary teams of researchers explore innovative research ideas in these areas and promote technology transfer with IP, educational, and outreach activities. Faculty affiliated with the ACS PEI are often in the news for their research, grant awards and initiatives. The following is a sampling of recent stories highlighting their recognition and achievements.

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