Purdue researchers design fully autonomous vehicle for people with disabilities

Two honks filled the air to let people with disabilities know an autonomous vehicle had arrived to give them a ride. That’s the future that researchers at Purdue University are trying to make reality. They entered and won a U.S. Department of Transportation competition with their EASI RIDER project. “EASI RIDER” is an acronym for Efficient Accessible and Safe Interaction in a Real Integrated Design Environment for Riders.

Tackling inflammatory bowel disease with tumbling microrobots

Precisely targeted drug delivery is the dream of biomedical engineers, and Purdue researchers will soon be using microrobots to deliver the goods. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have awarded Purdue a $1.11 million grant to investigate targeted drug delivery in a live colon using tumbling magnetic microrobots.

INDOT, Purdue wireless electric vehicle charging solution named to Top 100 report

A joint project between the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Purdue University to develop one of the world’s first dynamic wireless power transfer highway segments has earned a place in the 2022 Top 100 Strategic U.S. Infrastructure Project Report. The multimillion-dollar project also will test the performance of an innovative type of magnetizable concrete, developed by German startup Magment GmbH.

Purdue ICON host Summit on Trusted Autonomy with DoD

How do you get humans and autonomous systems to work together as a cohesive team? How do you quantify trust between humans and autonomous systems in such teams? For the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), these are critical questions to be answered.

Purdue's new Institute of Hard AI connects AI with the physical world

Purdue's College of Engineering announced the formation of the Institute of Hard AI on Tuesday (June 14) during the 11th annual meeting of the National Academy of Inventors in Phoenix. The collegewide institute positions Purdue as a national leader in artificial intelligence at the interface of the virtual and physical worlds.

Harvest helper: Autonomous vehicle offloads grain on the go

In this Medium blog, ABE/ME‘s John Evans discusses how his autonomous system would control a grain cart during unloading to lower operator stress and fatigue and enable more efficient operation, maximizing grain transfer and continuity of the harvest operation.
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