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College of Engineering Honors Office
Purdue University
Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive, Room G293
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Phone: 765-494-7217


Engineering honors students tackle a Grand Challenge

First-Year Engineering (FYE) students enrolled in ENGR 142: Honors Creativity and Innovation in Engineering Design II this spring had a moon mission.

College of Engineering Honors

Honors @ Purdue is designed to provide the highly motivated and academically successful student with a broader more enriched educational experience during the first year of college through a variety of academic challenges. If you are looking for a higher degree of intensity in your undergraduate studies, this may be the program for you. Read what students have to say .


 Incoming Students:

  • Invited into the Honors College based on a holistic review of their Purdue admission application

 Continuing Students:

  • A minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA
  • Be able to complete Honors College requirements by graduation

Top Ten Reasons You Should Consider Honors @ Purdue:

  1. Broaden your academic horizons in select courses designed specifically for honors students
  2. Get access to dedicated Honors advising and staff members
  3. Stimulate your mind by interacting with equally motivated and academically successful students
  4. Take trips to engineering companies and interact with industry representatives to solve real-world engineering problems
  5. Show-off "Honors" designations on your permanent transcripts when you apply for jobs
  6. Be admired by your peers and respected by your colleagues
  7. Small-school feel with big-school resources
  8. Fun and exciting (and smaller) Honors courses
  9. Priority registration
  10. Leadership opportunities

Honors College Requirements:

 24 credits of honors coursework:

  • At least 5 credits must be earned from HONR courses (e.g., HONR 19901 / HONR 19902)
  • At least 12 credits must be earned from courses in College of Engineering (e.g., ENGR 14100 / ENGR 14200)
  • At least 9 credits must be earned after 1st year of enrollment

 Completion of a Thesis or Scholarly Project:

  • Expected to be “culminating” – should occur in junior/senior year
  • Must be presented in a public forum (publication, conference presentation, display or performance)