Phillip Wankat

Phillip Wankat

Clifton L. Lovell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Engineering Education
Mailing Addresses
Office: ARMS 1215
Phone: (765) 494-0814


B.S., Purdue University, 1966
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1970
M.S.Ed, Purdue University, 1982

Research Interests

Engineering Education Curriculum Reform--Teaching engineering professors how to teach
Trends in Engineering Education--Structure of research in engineering education: What is being published and by whom.
Educational Methodology--Use of commercial simulators in teaching engineering courses.
Effective and Efficient Teaching
Adsorption Operations
Large-scale Chromatography

Selected Publications

Engineering Education Curriculum Reform
Wankat, P.C. and F.S. Oreovicz, Teaching Engineering, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1993. Available free as pdf files on the web
Wankat, P. C., The Effective Efficient Professor: Teaching, Scholarship and Service, Allyn & Bacon, Boston (2002).
Wankat, P. C., and F. S. Oreovicz, "Teaching Prospective Engineering Faculty How To Teach," Intl. J. Engr. Educ. 21 (5) 925-930, (2005).

Trends in Engineering Education
Wankat, P. C., "Analysis of the First Ten Years of the Journal of Engineering Education," J. Engr. Educ., 93, 13-21 (Jan. 2004).

Educational Methodology
Wankat, P. C., "Undergraduate Student Competitions," J. Engr. Educ., 94, 343-347 (July 2005).
Wankat, P. C., "Survey of K-12 Engineering Oriented Student Competitions," Intl. J. Eng. Educ., (in press).
Wankat, P. C., "Using a Commercial Simulator to Teach Sorption Separations," Chem. Engr Educ. 40/, 165-172 (2006).

Awards, Honors, Achievements, & Memberships

  • Paper by Kenneth P. Brannan and P. C. Wankat, "Survey of First Year Programs," won the ASEE Freshman Program Division Best Paper Award, the Professional Interest Council III (PIC III) Best Paper Award and the Best Conference Paper Award at the ASEE Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, June 13, 2005. The Best Conference Paper Award will be presented at the ASEE Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2006.
  • Shreve Prize (best teacher) in ChE, 2005.
  • School of Engineering Mentoring Award, Purdue, April 2005.
  • Walter L. Robb Engineering Education Senior Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering, Jan. 1 - December, 31, 2004.
  • Lifetime Achievement in Chemical Engineering Pedagogical Scholarship Award, Chemical Engineering Division, ASEE, 2004.