Edward Berger

Interim Head, Professor of Engineering Education - Professor, Mechanical Engineering
- Inaugural Associate Vice Provost for Learning Innovation, and Director of the Innovation Hub
- Executive Director, Mechanical Engineering Education Research Center at Purdue (MEERCat)
Mailing Addresses
Office: YONG ARMS 1327
Phone: (765) 496-0193


Bethlehem, PA


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Penn State
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Penn State

Research Interests

Teaching with technology
Assessment of technology interventions
Non-cognitive factors and their role in student success
Discipline-based engineering education research

Selected Publications

Wu, C., Berger, E.J., Rhoads, J.F., and DeBoer, J., "Use of worked-example videos to support problem solving: An analysis of student behavior", Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 2021.

Briody, E., Rodriguez-Mejia, F., and Berger, E., Professional staff making a difference: Cultural change in higher education", Innovative Higher Education, 2021.

Perkins, H., Ge, J., Scheidt, M., Major, J., Chen, J., Berger, E., and Godwin, A., "Holistic wellbeing and belonging: Attempting to untangle stress and wellness in their impact on sense of community in engineering", International Journal of Community Well-Being, accepted (accepted July 2021).

Walsh, Y., Pinto, H., Benes, B., Y'uksel, T., Bryan, L., Berger, E., and Magana, A., A learner-centered approach for designing visuohaptic simulations for conceptual understanding of truss structures", Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1002/cae.22410.

Ge, J., Berger, E., Froiland, J., Pitman-Gammon, R., Chen, J., and Godwin, A., "Developing a consensus model of engineering thriving using a Delphi process", International Journal of Engineering Education, in press (accepted December 2020).

Ge, J., Major, J., Berger, E., Godwin, A., Chen, J., Jensen, K., and Froiland, J., "A Scoping Literature Review of Engineering Thriving to Redefine Student Success", Studies in Engineering Education, 2021.

Lee, D., Rothstein, R., Dunford, A., Berger, E. J., Rhoads. J. F., and DeBoer, J., "'Connecting Online': The Structure and Content of Students' Asynchronous Online Networks in a Blended Engineering Class", Computers & Education, 2021.

Scheidt, M., Godwin, A., Berger, E., Chen, J., Self, B., Widmann, J., and Gates, A., "Engineering Students' Non-Cognitive and Affective Factors: Group Differences from Cluster Analysis", Journal of Engineering Education, 2021.

Stites, N. A., Berger, E., DeBoer, J., and Rhoads, J. F., "Are resource-usage patterns related to achievement? A study of an active, blended, and collaborative learning environment for undergraduate engineering courses", European Journal of Engineering Education, 2021.

Berger, E., Wu, C., Briody, E., Wirtz, E., and Rodriguez-Mejia, F., "Faculty subcultures in engineering and their implications for organizational change", Journal of Engineering Education, 2021.

Rodriguez-Mejia, F., Briody, E., Rothstein, R, and Berger, E., "Implementing grassroots initiatives of change: Integrating perspectives from psychology and anthropology", International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 36, No. 3, pp. 1097-1116, 2020.


  • Indiana Commission for Higher Education (July ’21 – June ’23): Faculty Representative
  • National Science Foundation (2019-2020): Program Direct, Engineering Education, National Science Foundation Directorate for Engineering, Division of Engineering Education and Centers
  • University of Virginia (2005-2014): Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (2008-2014) and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Cincinnati (1996-2005): Asst. and then Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, with a courtesy appointment in Biomedical Engineering

Fun Facts

I do a fair amount of running and bike riding, support Manchester United, and saw Pearl Jam at Elliot Hall in March 1994