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May 2013

Transitioning to a Professional Engineering School

After semester grades have posted, the academic record of every student within the First-Year Engineering (FYE) Program will be audited by the advising staff.

Students who meet the College of Engineering's Enrollment Management Policy will find a home in a professional school or program in the College of Engineering. Students meeting these requirements after Spring 2013 grades have posted should check their e-mail regularly for information about moving to a professional school.

Students who do not meet the College of Engineering's Enrollment Management Policy will remain in the First-Year Engineering Program.

Remaining in the FYE Program for a Third or Fourth Semester

Fourth Semester in the FYE Program

If Spring 2013 was your fourth semester in the FYE Program, please review the Fourth-Semester Policy to understand how you can obtain your registration PIN for Summer/Fall 2013.

Third Semester in the FYE Program

If you have just completed your third semester in the FYE Program (Spring 2013 was your third semester in the FYE Program) and are doing well in your courses, then keep up the good work. However, it is important for you to make sure that you will finish the FYE Program within the four semesters allotted (see Fourth-Semester Policy).

If you did not do well in one or more courses, then you will need to strategize how you will complete all FYE Program requirements by the end of your fourth semester in the FYE Program (see Fourth-Semester Policy). Students in this category are encouraged to see the next section ("Schedule Adjustments for Summer/Fall 2013") as well as speak with an FYE advisor to discuss their strategy.

Schedule Adjustments for Summer/Fall 2013

After reviewing your Spring 2013 grades, you may find that you need to adjust your Summer/Fall 2013 schedule in order to maximize your chances of meeting the conditions required for admission into your intended professional engineering school.

Although you may be permitted to take some professional school courses while completing FYE Program requirements, please note that all FYE courses take priority, and your Summer/Fall 2013 schedule should reflect that

IMPORTANT: The Registrar’s Office will run a prerequisite check of all students' schedules in early August. Any course on a student’s schedule for which the prerequisite has not been met will be automatically dropped by the Registrar’s Office.

Common strategies for course selections that students use to try to improve their Engineering Admissions Index (EAI), improve their GPA, and complete FYE Program requirements include these:

  • Repeat one or more courses from the FYE Program Plan of Study at Purdue.
  • Enroll in an FYE Program course at Purdue even though credit was previously established through advanced placement credit or transfer credit.
  • Enroll in fewer technical courses to allow more time to focus on doing well in courses that have been a challenge for you in previous semesters.
  • Enroll in fewer lab courses.
  • Choose a different Science Selective (if possible, depending on professional school requirements).
  • Enroll in an approved equivalent course at another institution. This may satisfy a degree requirement, but it will not replace a grade in the GPA calculations. However, the FYE Program will use the credit for equivalent courses (but not the grade) in calculating a student’s Engineering Admissions Index (EAI).
    •  NOTE: Only Regional Campus Transfer Credit will transfer back a grade which will be used in the EAI/GPA calculations. 
  • Over the summer, enroll in the one technical course that has been the greatest hurdle for you.
  • Enroll in fewer credit hours.
  • Enroll in fewer professional school courses.
  • Enroll in a General Studies course to focus on improving your college study skills.

Lastly, if you need to repeat any course(s), then you should first try to figure out why you were not successful in the course(s) the first time you took them. There is still time to turn things around and to complete FYE Program requirements and gain admission into one of the professional engineering schools.

To learn more about schedule adjustments, please visit the following webpage:  Adjusting Your Schedule for Next Semester Due to Low Grades

Academic Probation

Academic probation is a warning from Purdue that your grades are low and that you are in danger of being dropped by the university.

If after Spring 2013 grades have posted, you find that you are on academic probation, please review the following website to understand what this means and how it will impact your next semester at Purdue: Academic Probation at Purdue University.

Prerequisite Overrides for Students Taking Summer Courses Away from Purdue

Please contact the FYE Advising Office ( for Fall 2013 course prerequisite override(s) during the week of July 15-19, 2013, if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are remaining in the FYE Program for Fall 2013
  • You are taking a course away from the Purdue West-Lafayette campus this summer (NOTE: This includes regional campus institutions)
  • You need a prerequisite override in order to enroll in certain fall course(s)

When you contact the FYE Program, you will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Which summer course(s) you are taking.
  2. Which institution you are taking the summer course(s) at.
  3. Your anticipated grade for the summer course(s).
  4. Which fall course(s) you need a prerequisite override for.

For example, if you are taking Calculus II at a community college near your home this summer, then you will need to contact the FYE Program during the week of July 15-19, 2013, to request a prerequisite override for Calculus III for fall. After a prerequisite override has been created for Calculus III, you will then need to enroll in Calculus III via myPurdue during Open Registration.


After a prerequisite override has been created for the fall course(s), then you will need to register for the appropriate course(s) via myPurdue during Open Registration (see myPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration Status).

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to register for the appropriate course(s) – the FYE Program will not do this for you.

To learn more about taking courses away from Purdue, please visit the following webpage: Taking Courses at Another College or University

Add/Drop Dates for Purdue Summer 2013 Courses

If you are taking a course this summer at Purdue's West Lafayette campus, then check the Summer 2013 Drop/Add Deadlines Calendars for information on adding, modifying, or dropping summer courses.

Please note that there are two different Summer 2013 Drop/Add Deadlines Calendars: one is for Maymester (first 4 weeks of summer) and the other one is for the regular Summer Session (last 8 weeks of summer).

Plan Now for Global Engineering Opportunities

It's never too early to start planning for global engineering experiences. GEP offers a range of learning opportunities including semester-long and short-term study abroad, global service learning, and research experiences. Programs can range from one week to an academic year.

First-year engineering students should start thinking about where they might want to go for a semester of study abroad.  A good place to begin choosing from numerous institutions around the world with which Purdue has formal student exchanges, is by making an appointment with Jill Churchill ( in the GEP office. She will help you identify your best options and prepare you for speaking with your academic advisor to discuss how to incorporate study abroad into your plan of study and still graduate on time. 

If you are interested in global service learning through Global Design Teams, then look for the GDT Expo in mid-September that presents the various projects available. Past projects have included destinations such as Colombia, Cameroon, Jordan, India and Ecuador. 

For more information on all the opportunities GEP offers, contact and make an appointment or stop by the GEP office in Hampton (CIVIL) 1259.  Remember to also ask about options for financial support. GEP will work with you to find the global experiences that best fit your academic and professional goals.

Be sure to visit the Study Abroad Fair on September 4, 2013, from 10:00am-3:00pm on the Memorial Mall. Come to the GEP Booth and get more information.

Honors Program Update

It's been a busy semester for the Engineering Honors Program, with EHP students now rapidly approaching the home stretch of the semester, finishing projects, writing reports, and preparing not only for final exams but also for summer jobs and internships. The Engineering Honors Program took some time to recognize the accomplishments of its students, hosting the annual College of Engineering Honors Program Spring Banquet on April 13th in the South Ballroom of the Purdue Memorial Union.

Hosted by Dr. Eric Nauman, the Director of the Engineering Honors Program, the banquet was attended by nearly 110 honors students, their families and friends, and College of Engineering faculty, staff, and others associated with the program. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Darryl Dickerson, Outreach and Development Administrator for the Minority Engineering Program. He spoke on the innovations that engineers have made in creating our modern society, especially in the field of biomaterials development, orthopaedic tissue biomechanics, and tissue engineering and the impact these innovations have made on individuals with disabilities.

At the banquet, various students and student teams received awards for their achievements over the past year:

  • Outstanding female student for Fall 2012 semester: Stephanie Thiede
  • Outstanding male student for Fall 2012 semester: Brian Coventry
  • Outstanding female student for Spring 2013 semester: Lilly Myers
  • Outstanding male student for Spring 2013 semester: John Busch
  • Outstanding team for ENGR 195H, Fall 2012 semester: Jennifer Besserman, Michael Dalton, Jaycey Hardenstein, and Brendan Michaelson
  • Outstanding team for ENGR 195H, Spring 2013 semester: Marissa Berns, Michael Dalton, Monica Lasley, and Adhit Ramamurthi
  • The Learning Community Leadership Board: William VanBuskirk (Chair); Beata Strubel (Vice Chair); Monica Lasley (Treasurer); Robert Rolley (Recorder); Lauren Heintz (co-Student Liaison); and Garron Scoon (co-Student Liaison).

Reflections on EHP and the past year were provided by Lilly Myers and Ben Hilker.

Looking to the future, EHP has also been interviewing students in order to fill positions as peer mentors, peer Teaching Assistants, and volunteers to work with rising high school seniors at this summer's STEP Program. We recently completed the Phone-a-Thon, in which prospective Engineering Honors Program students are contacted by current students to answer questions about the program and encourage their enrollment at Purdue. We are also gearing up for the summer on-campus registration program, STAR, where we will welcome in the next group of EHP students, get them oriented to both Purdue and EHP, and set them up with their first semester's set of classes. With all of this going on, our summer certainly won't be a quiet one!
On behalf of the Engineering Honors Program, I'd like to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of our students. Congratulations on a year of excellence, and my best wishes for many more to come!

Jennifer Alter
Assistant Director, Engineering Honors Program