A COVID-19 Teaching Salon

Event Date: June 12, 2020
"So, what did you end up doing?" A COVID-19 Teaching Salon Zoom Discussion hosted by the faculty of the School of Engineering Education will take place on Friday, June 12, 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT. Instructors talk with instructors about lessons learned (good, bad, and ugly) putting their courses online in Spring 2020, and share thoughts about how to do it better in the future.

Register Online

Registration will remain open until the start of the event.

Come for a “teaching salon” - a frank discussion with other instructors about what you did to move your classes online in light of COVID-19, what worked, and what didn’t.  Share what your plans are for teaching in the fall, and for doing a better job of it.

We invite instructors of all types of classes including but not limited to:

  • Language classes
  • Discussion-based classes
  • Capstone design
  • Chemistry, biology, engineering, pharmacy, or other lab
  • Research seminar
  • Field work
  • Coding class
  • Visual and performing arts courses
  • Composition courses
  • Student teaching and practicums
  • Nursing, vet, pharmacy practicums
  • Aviation classes
  • Exams moved online
  • Using library services
  • Writing Lab services

Did we forget the type of course you teach? Come and tell us about what you had to figure out! Also bring your tales of students’ crises arising from COVID-19, and how you handled them.

We will organize the hour-long session into multiple rounds of breakouts based on the expertise and experiences of the folks who attend.