Engineering Fields - Online Resources

If you're having trouble deciding which engineering discipline is for you, or need to know more about what it means to be an engineer, the following links might help.

For information on the various engineering fields and majors offered at Purdue, please visit our Engineering Majors page.

An Introduction to Engineering and Its Disciplines - Purdue Prospective Engineer Resource page - Purdue Libraries resources - Engineering & Computer career profiles, industries, and outlooks - Engineering Aptitudes - Sightseer's Guide to Engineering - videos of engineers from a variety of fields - mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and others - telling their stories and answering frequently asked questions - Tasks engineers might perform on a typical day - American Society of Engineering Education's careers page - Explore Engineering Careers (grouped by Industry) - Occupational Outlook Handbook: Engineering careers - Wage, Industry, and Growth info for engineering careers - Occupational Information Center: Engineering - "Breaking Through: The Creative Engineer" - "Guide Me" from National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering - Sloan Career Cornerstone series: includes engineer profiles, typical day, etc. - A resource to help students better understand what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future

Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (A&AE) - Purdue School of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering - A&AE Careers, including graduate interviews and sub-discipline descriptions - NASA college career page

Agricultural & Biological Engineering (ABE) - Purdue School of Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Purdue ABE FAQ - Purdue Senior Capstone Projects 2004

Biomedical Engineering (BME) - Purdue School of Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering (ChE) - PurdueSchool of Chemical Engineering - American Institute of Chemical Engineers Career FAQ Page\index.html - American Chemical Society Virtual Chemistry Club

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering (CE, CEM) - Purdue School of Civil Engineering - American Society of Civil Engineering - Thinking about Careers - American Academy of Environmental Engineering - Careers - Purdue School of Construction Engineering & Management - PBS's series "Building Big" - Purdue's ACSM page, which includes examples of Senior Design Projects

Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE - EE & CompE) - Purdue School of Electrical and Computer Engineering - IEEE's Virtual Museum

Industrial Engineering (IE) - Purdue School of Industrial Engineering

Interdisciplinary Engineering and Multidisciplinary Engineering - Undergraduate Programs in the School of Engineering Education.

Materials Engineering (MSE) - Purdue School of Materials Science & Engineering - Career Resource MSE Center from The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society - Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining Multimedia

Mechanical Engineering (ME) - Purdue School of Mechanical Engineering - ME vs. MET

Nuclear Engineering (NE) - Purdue School of Nuclear Engineering - The Virtual Nuclear Tourist - Nuclear Science and Technology from The American Nuclear Society - ANS Public Information and Nuclear topics of interest

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