Taking a Summer Course at Purdue

The summer session at Purdue (West Lafayette) is divided into three four-week modules.  The same amount of material is covered during a Maymester or regular summer session course as in a standard 16-week semester. 

  • "Maymester" (module 1) is four weeks.
  • The regular summer session (modules 2 and 3) is eight weeks.
  • You can take courses during Maymester or the regular summer session or both.

What courses can I take during Maymester?

  • Math, science and engineering courses are not offered.
  • CGT 163 and CGT 164 are typically both offered.
  • General education electives such as COM 114, ECON 251, ECON 252, HIST 103, HIST 105, PSY 120 and SOC 100 are offered.

What courses are typically offered during the regular summer session?

  • CHM 115, CHM 116
  • COM 114
  • CS 159
  • ENGL 106
  • ENGR 132
  • MA 159, MA 161, MA 162, MA 261, MA 262, MA 265, MA 266 and MA 303
  • PHYS 172, PHYS 241, PHYS 272

Check myPurdue for a full listing of courses offered over the summer.

What sophomore-level engineering courses are typically offered during the regular summer session?

  • ECE 201, ECE 202, ECE 207, ECE 208
  • IE 343
  • ME 200, ME 270, ME 274

Check myPurdue for a full listing of courses offered over the summer.

How many credit hours can I take over the summer at Purdue?

  • You may register for up to four credit hours for Maymester and up to nine for the regular summer session.
  • If you take between six and nine credit hours for the summer, you will be charged a flat fee. If you take fewer than six credit hours or more than nine credit hours, you will be billed on a per credit-hour basis. A tuition calculator is available at www.purdue.edu/bursar.
  • Summer housing and meal plan information is available from the University Residences Office at 494-1000.

When do I register for summer courses at Purdue?

You register for summer courses at the same time you register for your Fall courses. 

You will receive your PIN number for the Summer semester when you meet with your advisor about your Fall courses.  If you are completing the First-Year Engineering Program in the Spring semester, you will receive your PIN from the advisor in your intended professional engineering school. If you are not completing the First-Year Engineering Program in the Spring semester, you will receive your PIN from an advisor in the First-Year Engineering Program.