CODO Instructions

If you decide to change your major, the process is called Change of Degree Objective, or CODO. Entry into the major you want might not be automatic. You may need to meet with an advisor, attend a CODO meeting, or take particular courses prior to leaving First-Year Engineering. Contact information for other colleges is below.

College Contact Building Phone
Agriculture* Dr. Allan Goecker 127 AGAD 48205
Education* Advising Office 3216 BRNG 47962
Health and Human Sciences 126 MTHW 48533
Liberal Arts* Advising Office 1114 BRNG 43670
Management Advising Office B-20 KRAN 44343
Pre-Pharmacy Advisor 156 RHPH 41357
Science and Math* Advising Office MATH 231 41771
Technology* Advising Office KNOY ,AT, or YONG  
Undergraduate Studies Program Advising Office 8th Floor YONG 40843

*High school teaching certification is offered through the content area College. For example, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Math teaching majors are in the College of Science. English and Foreign Language teaching majors are in Liberal Arts; Technology Education is in the College of Technology. The College of Education houses Elementary, Special and Social Studies Education.

Once you are sure you are eligible to CODO:

  1. Please go to this link and print off two copies of the CODO form.
  2. Complete the top and sign BOTH copies of your CODO papers.
  3. Bring both copies to ARMS 1300 to be signed by a professional advisor.
  4. Take the signed CODO papers to your new school or college. Some schools or colleges may accept them at a CODO meeting; others will ask you to speak to an advisor. In some cases, you will leave them for later review. Make sure you know when they will accept CODO papers. You may need to wait until after grades are posted at the end of the semester.
  5. You will be notified by your new major regarding your CODO status. Your CODO may not be effective until the beginning of the next semester.
  6. You can see your new major listed on MyPurdue. Course changes and overrides requiring an advisor's signature must be made through your new advisor.
  7. New CODO papers must be filed every semester if your CODO request is denied.
  8. More information HERE.