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Multidisciplinary Engineering

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Program's mission, goals, objectives and outcomes are designed to prepare graduates to practice engineering. Typically, a plan of study is developed around a focused concentration. Develop your own individual plan of study or select one of these established, ABET-approved concentrations:

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • General Engineering
  • Visual Design Engineering
  • Lighting Engineering
  • Nano-Engineering

Detailed information on enrollment and graduation statistics for the MDE program, as well as MDE program accreditation with ABET is available for review.

Students must complete the requirements of the First-Year Engineering Program and take additional engineering courses, but may also take several courses from other schools at Purdue. Students will graduate with either a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and may advance to graduate school or pursue a career in industry.

Features of these undergraduate programs include:

  • Flexible plan of study that can be tailored to include its own title and selection of courses
  • Limited enrollment (fewer than 100 total students), so the program remains counseling-intensive
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree

Questions? Contact us by email at or by phone at (765) 494-7422. You may also make an appointment with the MDE/IDE Advisor, by clicking: Chris Pekny