This page is intended for students who entered Purdue prior to Fall 2012. Students who entered in Fall 2012 or later should see the main CODO page.

The "Change of Degree Objective" (CODO) process allows students currently registered at Purdue to apply to enter First Year Engineering. CODO applications are processed at the end of Fall and Spring semesters. All students who meet the following three criteria are guaranteed acceptance into FYE, though they are not necessarily guaranteed space in needed courses.

To successfully CODO into FYE, a student must:

  1. Attend a CODO meeting during the semester you wish to CODO (registration information for a CODO meeting is available here), and submit a CODO application to ARMS 1300 before the deadline.
  2. Complete the required courses with a grade of C- or better in each course (the list of courses is available here for students who entered Purdue prior to Fall 2012 or later, or here for students who entered Purdue Fall 2012 or later)
  3. Have an earned "CODO GPA" of at least 2.70 — note a higher GPA is required for students who entered Fall 2012 or later. (rules for calculating the CODO GPA are here)

CODO Meetings and Application Deadline

Students considering CODO into First-Year Engineering MUST attend a CODO meeting in the semester in which they intend to submit a CODO application.

Before registering to attend a specific date/time of a CODO meeting, please make sure the meeting does not conflict with other commitments you may have. Due to the overwhelming demand for space at CODO meetings, once you have registered you are expected to attend the meeting. Once a CODO session is full, it is closed, and more space will not be opened. Students are to register for only one CODO meeting. Attending a CODO meeting does not provide space in First-Year Engineering courses.

Students may sign up for a CODO meeting here — you will need to log in with your Purdue career account login and password.

CODO Applications must be submitted before the deadline. For CODO consideration after the Fall 2014 semester, applications will be accepted in ARMS 1300 between Monday, November 3, 2014, at 8:00am and Friday, December 5, at 4:30pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications will be evaluated promptly after final grades post each semester, and applicants will be contacted by a FYE Advisor via their Purdue email account as to the status of their application.

CODO Course Requirements

To be eligible for CODO, a student must complete at least 10 credits for a grade on the Purdue West Lafayette campus from the list of courses below. At least one course from each of Categories 1, 2, and 3 must be successfully completed prior to CODO. If a course from Category 4, is completed prior to CODO, it will also be used to determine eligibility; however, a Category 4 course is not required. If more than one course from Category 1, 2, or 4 is completed prior to CODO, all courses with a Purdue West Lafayette grade will be used to determine eligibility. Additionally, a student will not be accepted for CODO if he or she is on academic probation.

  1. Category 1: Mathematics: MA 16100, 16200, 16500, 16600, 17300, 18100, 26100, 26200, 26500, 26600 or equivalents.
  2. Category 2: Science: BIOL 11000, 11100; CHM 11500, 11600, 12300, 12400, 12500, 12600, 13600; CS 15800, 15900; PHYS 17200 or equivalents.
  3. Category 3: One course chosen from Core Curriculum Foundational Outcome course, from the Written Communication (typically ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800), Oral Communication (typically COM 11400), Human Cultures: Humanities, or Human Cultures: Behavioral and Social Sciences Foundational Outcomes lists.
  4. Category 4: Engineering: ENGR 12600, 13100, 13200, 13300, 14100, 14200, select offerings of ENGR 19500, or equivalents, and EPCS 11100 and 12100.


CODO GPA is calculated in the same manner as the overall GPA, but includes only the following courses:

  • all courses in Categories 1, 2, and 4 that have a grade from the West Lafayette campus. Note that courses in Category 4 are not required for CODO, but if a student has the course on his or her record, it will be considered in the CODO GPA.
  • one course in Category 3. This course will be selected by the following rules, in order:
    1. A course on the Written Communication Foundational Outcomes list (ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800 strongly recommended), if the course is present with a grade from the West Lafayette campus. Or, if not:
    2. A course on the Oral Communication Foundational Outcomes list (COM 11400 recommended), if the course is present with a grade from the West Lafayette campus. Or, if not:
    3. The course with the highest grade from the West Lafayette campus on the Human Cultures: Humanities, or Human Cultures: Behavioral and Social Sciences Core Curriculum Foundational Outcome lists. The current version of these lists is available at the Core Curriculum website.