Robert J. Frosch

Vice Provost for Academic Facilities and Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Office: HOVD 134
Phone: (765) 494-5904


Specialty Area(s)


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
M.S.E., University of Texas at Austin
B.S.E., Tulane University

Research Interests
Design and Behavior of Structural Concrete

Selected Research Projects

  • Design and Construction of Bonded and Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Elements
  • Repair and Strengthening of Bridges Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Systems
  • Development and Splice Lengths for High-Strength Reinforcement
  • Relaxation of Large Diameter Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Development of a Cost-Effective Bridge Preservation and Rehabilitation Program
  • Development and Implementation of a Concrete Box Beam Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program

Teaching Activity

  • CE 473 Theory of Reinforced Concrete
  • CE 498 Civil Engineering Design Project
  • CE 572 Prestressed Concrete Design
  • CE 576 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CE 697S Bridge Engineering

Honors & Awards

  • ACI Fellow, American Concrete Institute
  • ASCE Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Joe W. Kelly Award, 2020, American Concrete Institute
  • Arthur J. Boase Award, 2014, Concrete Research Council
  • Structural Concrete Building Code Distinguished Service Award, 2014, American Concrete Institute

Selected Publications

  • Whelchel, R.T., Williams, C.S., Frosch, R.J., "Live-Load Distribution of an Adjacent Box Beam Bridge: Influence of Bridge Deck," PCI Journal, Vol. 66, No. 6, November-December 2021.
  • Whelchel, R.T., Molley, R.T., Williams, C.S., Frosch, R.J., Anderson, N.S., and Brew, J.E., "Relaxation of Carbon and Stainless-Steel Threaded Bars for Post-Tensioning Applications," ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol 147, Issue 7, July 2021.
  • Sim, C. and Frosch, R.J., "Cracking Behavior of Slabs with Corrosion-Resistant and High-Strength Reinforcing Bars," ACI Structural Journal, V. 117, No. 5, September 2020.
  • Pay, A.C., Canbay, E., and Frosch, R.J. "Bond Strength of Spliced Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement," ACI Structural Journal, V. 111, No. 2, March-April 2014, pp. 257-266.
  • Saqan, E.I. and Frosch, R.J., "Influence of Flexural Reinforcement on Shear Strength of Prestressed Beams without Web Reinforcement," ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 106, No. 1, January-February 2009, pp. 60-68.
  • Wolf, T.S. and Frosch, R.J., "Shear Design of Prestressed Concrete: A Unified Approach," Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 133, No. 11, November 2007, pp. 1512-1519
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  • Frosch, R.J., "Modeling and Control of Side Face Beam Cracking," ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 99, No. 3, May-June 2002, pp. 376-385.
  • Frosch, R.J., "Another Look at Cracking and Crack Control in Reinforced Concrete," ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 96, No. 3, May-June 1999, pp. 437-442.