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Since 1930, The Heritage Group has managed a diverse set of companies involved in highway construction and materials, environmental services, energy sales and marketing, and chemical refining. This vast experience allows for the diversity of a large conglomerate while maintaining the personal service of a smaller, customer focused, organization.

The Heritage Group is a growth-oriented company, both domestically and internationally, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia and a client network that spans the globe. A long-term financial approach, combined with a conservative investment philosophy and a commitment to sustainability, has placed The Heritage Group on a solid foundation to pursue growth opportunities as they occur.

The focus of The Heritage Group is innovation, quality and service. At the core of this focus is Heritage Research Group, the research and development arm that provides new products, processes and training to improve the way The Heritage Group companies serve their clients. This entrepreneurial spirit has allowed the company to expand through formation of a number of new innovative start-ups and by sound strategic acquisitions. Heritage Research Group shares the commitment to use technology in a beneficial way, building competitive advantages in a global economy.

The Heritage Group is really a host of companies with one vision - building long term relationships with customers and vendors based on trust and confidence. A team approach to management allows The Heritage Group to provide creative and effective solutions to issues affecting our customers and their industries.
Industry: Construction

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Maddie Gawrys-Strand
Strategic HR Manager
5400 W 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Phone: 317-345-1285