Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the program follow the regular Purdue graduate student rates and are funded entirely by the student. Expenses to be considered separately from tuition include: books and course materials, living expenses, travel, and lodging. You should expect the following rates for tuition and fees, though this may be subject to change:

Sports Engineering Professional Master's Program

Credit Hours 30
Rate Per Credit Hour (Out-of-State/International) $1,440
Estimated Program Tuition (Out-of-State/International) $43,200

* International Student Fee (per on-campus semester) is $155.00.

Credit Hours 30
Rate Credit Hour (Indiana Resident) $560
Estimated Program Tuition (Indiana Resident) $16,800

Detailed tuition information is available on the Bursar's website.


Because this is a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program, Teaching and Research Assistantships are not available for students in this program.