Concentration Requirements

The professional masters is considered a terminal degree intended to prepare students for careers in industry, government, or professional practice (i.e. consulting), as such, there is not a research component, and there is no funding available.

Students will be required to take MSE 574: Sports Engineering and Entrepreneurship, in which they will be immersed in the state-of-the-art of the industry and interact with renowned experts in the field. This course is not only for students looking to start their own business, but also for any student interested in working in sports engineering.

Students can expect:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the key areas of sports engineering with an emphasis on the future of the industry; examples include: digitalization, equipment and apparel, fan experience, data, etc.
  • Development of a business plan for a startup in sports engineering with encouragement to critically think about opportunities for innovation based on knowledge gained in the course
  • To select one class (2-3 credits) in data science/analytics
  • The freedom to choose courses from the menu* to fill remaining credit hours in areas such as:
    • Biomechanics
    • Entrepreneurship/Patent Law
    • Management
    • Materials
    • Sensors
    • Systems