Mathieu Luisier

Line Edge Roughness in GNR Tunneling FETs

Line Edge Roughness in GNR Tunneling FETs Mathieu Luisier, Gerhard Klimeck


  • Simulation of Graphene Nanoribbon band-to-band tunneling FETs
  • Study the influence of Line Edge Roughness (LER) on their performances


  • Non-equilibrium quantum transport with on single orbital per carbon atom
  • Atomistic description of the graphene ribbon
  • Edge atoms randomly removed with a given probability P
  • Statistical sampling of LER (100 random samples per roughness probability)

Results and Impacts:

  • LER causes drastic increase of OFF-current and decrease of ON/OFF ratio (band gap states)
  • Help experimentalists design better devices, less sensitive to LER

Image Caption:

  • Up: Single-gate graphene nanoribbon tunneling transistor and sample of a graphene nanoribbon with random LER
  • Down: Transfer characteristics Id-Vgs of graphene nanoribbon tunneling FETs with different LER probabilities. Each curve represents the average of 100 different samples

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