Mathieu Luisier

Phonon-limited Mobility in Si nanowires FETs

Phonon-limited Mobility in Si nanowires FETs Mathieu Luisier, Gerhard Klimeck


  • Extract phonon-limited mobility uph n-and p-type Si NW FETs with different crystal orientations


  • Tight-binding (sp3d5s*) description of the electron/hole properties
  • Atomistic Representation of the NWs
  • Quantized phonon dispersion (VFF)
  • Quantum transport with NEGF
  • dR/dL extraction method for uph

Results and Impacts:

  • uph as function of the charge density in the middle of the channel
  • [111] ([110]) less sensitive to electron-phonon scattering in p-type (n-type) devices
  • [110] best compromise for n- and p-type high performance Si NW FETs

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