Component Datasheets, Manuals, Downloads, and Suppliers

Popular Powertrain Suppliers

For collegiate teams:

Alltrax Motor Controller

Interstate Batteries SLA 1156

Throttle Potentiometer

Anderson Connectors

Orion BMS


DC-DC Converters

Low Current Wiring

High Current Wiring

Hardware (bolts, nuts, etc)

  • Your local Tractor Supply Co. will have the most options and best prices on bolts, nuts, washers, and more.  Home Depot & Lowes do not have the best selection for hardware.
  • McMaster-Carr is great for ordering bulk online hardware and getting it in a 1-2 days.

Motor Sprockets

  • Front Motor Sprocket  ** Go to “Sprockets for ANSI Roller Chains”. Scroll down to size 35 chain. 7/8″ shaft diameter. 3/16″ keyway.
  • Rear Motor Sprocket (chain #35 split sprocket. Choose from 53-85 tooth. Recommended to have multiple different sizes for testing)
  • Keyway  Item #98535A140.  3×16″ x 3/16″ spring steel machine key stock.
  • Size 35 Chain  (Will need to adjust size using chain break or master link)
  • Chain Break Tool (In case your chain does not have a master link)

Go-Kart Tires

  • See the current evGrand Prix rules to determine if there is a tire spec and what tire is spec.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge  To fill the tires, no need for fancy air compressors or tanks.  A classic bicycle pump would work just fine.  The gauge can release pressure to where you want it.