Dr. Heather Gall’s Seminar

ABE-GSA was very excited to host Dr. Heather Gall for our first Young Faculty & Alumni Seminar Series event of the summer. In the seminar, she talked about her research in details when she was a graduate student and post-doc. Also, she mentioned her job hunting experience in academia and how to build a research group in a new environment as an assistant professor.



Dr. Gall also brought her 2-year old daughter to the seminar. During the process, Dr. Gall showed us her awesome ability for work-life balance, which was also a great example for us Grad students!


Purdue ABE graduate students really enjoyed Dr. Gall’s seminar, and we appreciate that she traveled to Purdue to talk with us! Her slides were emailed to all graduate students after the seminar, and the original event flyer can be viewed here: Heather Gall flyer 061615