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Engineering Formal

Get ready to get fancy and party  with Engineers from across campus!

A few Engineering Organizations have been working to organize a formal  dance event this semester!  Some of the hosting organizations include:

  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
  • BMES (Biomedical Engineering  Society )
  • HKN (ECE organization)
  • IEEE (ECE organization)
  • ECEGSA (ECE  organization)
  • Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honors Society)
  • ABEGSA (ABE organization).

My question is:  are YOU ready for formal??

LIMITED QUANTITY: Send a picture with a student from a different department to receive a $10 off voucher to the BBBB chair at

ONLY  first 10 will receive it.

Superbowl Party!

This Sunday (Feb 3rd) we will be gathering together to watch the Super Bowl at “The Palace” (122 N 3rd Street, Lafayette) which is a large apartment on the top floor directly above Chumley’s. Kick-off for the game is at 6:30 pm, so you can arrive as early as 6 pm and watch the game. ABE GSA will provide snacks (chips, popcorn, etc.), drinks (soda, water) and potentially some pizzas.
We hope to see you there!
2017 ABE GSA Superbowl Party

Fall Cookout

This Saturday (10/27) we will be having our annual Fall Cookout from 3pm-6pm. ABE GSA will be covering the cost of food (burgers, hot dogs, etc.) and drinks.
If you think that you may be going or may need help finding transportation to the cookout then please a few seconds to fill out this short survey ( This is a great chance to get to hangout with the rest of our graduate students and their families. We hope to see you there!!!!

Nine Irish Social

This Friday (8/31), we will be having our social gathering at Nine Irish Brothers (Wabash Landing) at 7:00 pm- roughly 9:00, or however long we can stay. This is a great chance to catch up with your fellow ABE students after the summer as well as for new and returning students to get to know each other. ABE GSA will be ordering appetizers for the group, but anything else you may want to order is at personal cost. We will have the back patio reserved for the event.
Look forward to seeing you there!!!
Welcome Back Social @ 9Irish, Aug. 24 2017
Welcome Back Social @ 9Irish, Aug. 24 2017

ABE-GSA Canoeing Trip

On Saturday, August 11th, ABE GSA will be going on a canoeing trip near Delphi, IN (~25 minute drive). We will be spend 2 hours canoeing on the Tippecanoe River with a morning start time (sometime around 10-11am). We would need to leave campus roughly an hour before our start time to drive and go through a brief session with the canoe instructor.

GSA will be covering the canoeing cost for ABE Graduate students only, but if more than 20 students sign-up the cost will be $5 per student. For family/significant others, GSA will not cover the cost ($15/per canoe for adults; child cost vary with age) but they are free to join the group. Canoes spots will be first-come, first-serve, but there should be enough canoes available.

If interested in attending, please fill out the attached survey for attendance purposes and organizing a carpool.

For the carpool we ask that you bring $1 or 2 to chip-in for gas with your driver.

*Note: It could be hot and sunny, so make sure bring sunscreen and some water to keep hydrated. GSA will also bring some bottles of water as well.

For any questions, please email

We hope to see you there!