Officer Descriptions


The ABE-GSA President plans and leads biweekly GSA meetings, attends monthly College of Engineering meetings, delegates/assists all officer positions as needed, chairs the ABE-GSA Symposium, fund-raises, and serves as a liaison between graduate students and University faculty/administrators.  The benefits of this position includes increased leadership, communication, and organizational skills, opportunity to interact with other GSOs on campus, as well as increased visibility in the department and college.

Vice President:

The VP chairs GSA meetings in the absence of the President, mediates conflicts on the ABE-GSA board, and designs and plans activities for the mentor-mentee program.The benefits of this position includes meeting current and incoming students and increased communication and event planning skills.


The secretary takes the biweekly meeting minutes, maintains the ABE-GSA website, prepares and distributes the biweekly newsletter, maintains and posts to social media and other ABE-GSA  accounts and documents.  The benefits of this position include increased communication, writing, listening, marketing, and organizational skills.


The treasurer maintains custody and supervision of ABE-GSA funds.  The treasurer also organizes the ABE booth for Springfest.  The benefits of this position include increased money management and budgeting skills, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.

PGSG Senator:

The PGSG Senator engages with administrators to communicate what can be done to advance the graduate student experience at Purdue.  The Senator is required to attend PGSG Senate meetings (casting votes on legislative bills and resolutions, electing new executive board officers, engage with fellow senators) and is required to be an active member of one of the three PGSG teams: Career Team, Community Team, and Life Team.  The PGSG Senator should communicate all PGSG related information to ABE grad students.  The benefits of this position include having a say in issues affecting Purdue grad students as well as increased communication skills.

Professional Development Chair:

The Professional Development Chair provides opportunities for ABE graduate students to network, learn about career opportunities, and enhance their communication, leadership, and collaboration skills.  The PD Chair organizes and hosts PD Seminars and coordinates the ABE-GSA Industrial Research Symposium. The benefits of this position include increased  leadership, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Social Chair:

The Social Chair plans social events (average 2 per month) for ABE graduate students.  Some events should include multicultural themes. The benefits of this position include increased, communication, organizational, and event planning  skills.

Recruitment Chair:

The Recruitment chair helps to recruit prospective grad students to the ABE Department.  This includes organizing social events with new, incoming grad students, arranging a grad student panel for undergraduate students in the Fall semester, organizing recruitment weekend for visiting students in the spring semester along with Dr. Engelberth (arrange transportation, food, accommodation, campus tour,faculty meetings etc. for the students), help judging undergraduate capstone projects.  Recruitment chairs also assist with other activities on the ABE-GSA board as needed.  The benefits if this position includes meeting current and incoming students and increased communication and event planning skills.

Philanthropy Chair:

The Philanthropy chair provides opportunities for ABE grad students to engage with the greater Lafayette community.  The benefits if this position includes interacting with organizations outside of Purdue, and increased communication and event planning skills.

College of Engineering Chair:

Based on funding for the College of Engineering, there is a new theme each year.  In the past, the themes have been health and wellness and Breaking Barriers or Building Bridges .This position is elected in September and is typically reserved for an incoming ABE grad student.



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