Social Activities

ABE GSA’s first objective is the development of a social network for graduate students. To help fulfill this objective, a variety of social events are hosted by the organization. The Social Activity Coordinators will be in charge of the planning and execution of such events. While the actual social activities that will be planned each year will depend on the interests of the current graduate students, some examples of our regular activities over the past years include:

  1. Monthly Social Hours: Once a month, ABE GSA hosts a social hour at a local bar/grill where we provide appetizers for those in attendance. These events are great opportunities for graduate students to get together and take a break from work!
  2. Summer Kayaking/Hiking/Camping:  In the Summer, ABE GSA organizes an outdoor off-campus trip to socialize and enjoy the Summer weather!
  3. Fall Social and Callout: At the beginning of the fall semester, ABE GSA holds a social to welcome new graduate students to the department and introduce them to the group.
  4. Annual Fall Cookout: Our department head, Dr. Engel, has been kind to host an annual GSA cookout at his house for the past few years. This is a great chance for old and new graduate students to get together and bond around the bonfire!
  5. International Potluck: ABE graduate students come from various backgrounds and geographic locations, creating great diversity within the department. We typically have a few opportunities to get together and celebrate this with food throughout the year.
  6. Spring Fest: It is the responsibility of ABE GSA to plan the department’s activities for Purdue’s annual Spring Fest. This campus-wide event is a chance for Purdue to share what’s going on at the university and connect with the greater community through hands-on activities for participants and their families.
  7. Ice Skating: ABE GSA organizes an outdoor ice skating event at West Lafayette’s local skating rink. In the past, graduate students have had a lot of fun braving the cold to skate!
  8. Monthly Birthday Bashes: Every month the ABE GSA organizes a birthday bash to celebrate the birthdays of all the ABE members, usually featuring an international theme.
  9. Weekly Sports: Organized group events over the past year have included ultimate Frisbee in the summer, ABE GSA Intramural Soccer Team, Wallyball, and Sand Volleyball. The goal is to have at least one weekly sporting event.

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