Material Engineering for Intelligent Computation

Raisul Islam Semiconductor Engineering (RISE) lab is dedicated to solving complex material challenges for semiconductor technology to enable next generation intelligent computation. My group will take a bottom-up approach starting from materials growth and characterization to functionalize, integrate and package new devices (memory/transistors/sensors) for architectural innovation to enable energy efficient abundant-data computing.

Specific research interest lies on functionalization of new materials to realize monolithically integrated 3D system. Such system stands on three key technologies that require fundamental materials innovation, namely:

1) Energy efficient logic devices fabricated using low thermal budget. 
2) High density and fast non-volatile memory fabricated using a low thermal budget.
3) Ultra-dense interconnects and thermal dissipation layer having superior heat dissipation capability.
The new era of abundant-data computation is heavily reliant on the fundamental advancements in the use of new materials in back-end CMOS processes to enable monolithically integrated 3-D chips with coexisting memory and logic. My group will be active at the intersection of materials science and electrical engineering with a mission to make abundant-data intelligent computing energy efficient and ubiquitous.