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Our Team

To investigate Plumbing Safety, we have organized a skilled team of microbiologists, risk assessors, data scientists, civil, environmental, and ecological engineers, ecologists, and political scientists. University team members are from Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), San Jose State University (San Jose, CA), Tulane University (New Orleans, LA), Manhattan College (New York City, NY), and University of Memphis (Memphis, TN). Our research partners represent nonprofit organizations, trade industry associations, water companies, and health agencies. These organizations contribute to different projects as well as help us identify critical technology and scientific needs that should be addressed.


Andrew Whelton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Purdue University

Jade Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Joan Rose, Ph.D., Homer Nowlin Endowed Chair in Water Research and Professor, Michigan State University

Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Janice Beecher, Ph.D., co-Principal Investigator, Michigan State University

Juneseok Lee, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor, Manhattan College

Caitlin Proctor, Ph.D., Lilian Gilbreth Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University

Erin Dreelin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Amisha Shah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Tiong Gim Aw, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Maryam Salehi, Ph.D., Senior Personnel, University of Memphis

David Yu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Paul Robinson, Ph.D., SVM Chair of Cytometrics and Professor, Purdue University

Bill Schmidt, Instructional Manager, Purdue University
Brad Caffery, Web Administrator, Purdue University

Mohammad Abouali, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, Michigan State University
Maria Palmegiani, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Gaopin Cao, Graduate Student, Purdue University
Kun Huang, Graduate Student, Purdue University
Xiangning Huang, Graduate Student, Purdue University
Sruthi Dasika, Graduate Student, Purdue University

John Maiyo, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Christian Ley, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Xianzhen Li, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Elizabeth Montagnino, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Yoorae Noh, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Tolu Odimayomi, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Kyungyeon Ra, Graduate Student, Purdue University

Kara Dean, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Ryan Julien, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Alshae Logan, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Andrew Golden, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Ryan Day, Undergraduate Student Purdue University

Danielle Angert, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Yifei Bi, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Garret Bryack, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Ethan Edwards, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Boer Ni, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Connor Poort, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Emerson Rinnger, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Erica Wang, Undergraduate Student, Purdue University

Miriam Tariq, Undergraduate Student, Louisiana State University




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