Winkelman Fellowship

Chizaram Ugbo, UMBC - BSME 2023, was awarded a Winkelman Fellowship from the School of Mechanical Engineering and will join the lab in Fall 2023.

New RA

Ayishe Jin, Purdue-WL BSME 2023, will join the lab as graduate research assistant in Fall 2023.

Teaching Award

Tanner Ballance was awarded an Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching for his teaching assistant and instructor efforts in ME 489 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis and ME 559 Micromechanics of Materials.

NSF Fellowship

Mary Arnhart receives a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

Best Poster

Glynn Gallaway receives a Best Poster Award at the 2022 Society of Engineering Science Conference, Texas A&M, College Station.

Thomas Siegmund, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088
Office: ME 2186
Phone: +1 (765) 494-9766

The mission of the Microstructure Testing and Analysis Laboratory is to advance the knowledge on the mechanics of engineering materials and biological materials under consideration of micro-scale effects and processes. Our research is concerned with the relationships between materials architecture, constitutive description, and the overall function of architectured and microstructured materials.

We also collaborate with many industry partners, as part of the Indiana Consortium on Simulation-Based Engineering of Materials and Structures (ICSEMS).

Thomas is part of the Solid Mechanics area in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Learn more about other Solid Mechanics faculty throughout Purdue University.