Congratulations to MTEC Spring 2019 Graduates & Award Winners!

Congratulations to MTEC Spring 2019 Graduates & Award Winners!

Event Date: June 3, 2019
Dr. Miers & Prof. Marconnet
ITHERM Award Winners
Collier Miers, one of the first MTEC students, defended his thesis and graduated in Spring 2019! Aaditya Cadadai, Debraliz Isaac-Aragones, and Patrick Krane all won awards at ITHERM 2019!

Spring 2019 Graduation:

In Spring 2019, Collier Miers defended his thesis on improving metrology techniques for characterization of thermoelectric materials and development of high-temperature thermoelectric devices to be used for waste heat recovery. He was one of the first two students in the MTEC lab joining in Fall 2013 when Prof. Marconnet began her career at Purdue. Dr. Miers built many of the characterization tools within the MTEC lab. This summer, he begins his career as an engineerg at the Jet Proposulsion Lab.  Congratulations Dr. Miers!

MTEC Sweeps Awards at ITHERM 2019:

Aaditya Candadai won Outstanding Paper, Best Poster, and the art-in-science competition for his work on "A Measurement Technique for Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Yarns Using High-Resolution Infrared Microscopy". 

Debraliz Isaac-Aragones won the Outstanding Poster award in the Component-Level Thermal Management Track for her work on the "Effect of Particle Arrangement on the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites".

Patrick Krane each won the Outstanding Poster award in the Emerging Technologies & Fundamentals Track for his work on "Identifying Hot Spots in Electronics Packages with a Sensitivity-Coefficient Based Inverse Heat Conduction Method".

Congratulations All!